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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Good evening friends, the story below is a true life story and an advice will be much more appreciated after reading

There's a girl(Elizabeth) who's in love with two guys(Samuel and Hemanuel), she loves Samuel more to the extent that she has had series of abortion for him. There comes a day, she noticed she was pregnant again for Samuel, she told Samuel about it and she said she can't afford to conduct another abortion, at first Samuel admitted and said he was going to take the responsibilities of the pregnancy and also that he was going to meet Elizabeth parent for an introduction. As time goes on, Samuel denied the pregnancy Elizabeth was carrying, as a girl who was dating two guys and wasn't willing to conduct another abortion she decided to give the pregnancy to Hemanuel, Hemanuel welcomed it and went ahead to do an introduction and later marriage with Elizabeth. After 18years Elizabeth and Hemanuel were happy married with four children, though Hemanuel has became a very strict person. Samuel having had two different relationships which failed because he was unable to give birth, came back to Elizabeth to claim his child. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, Hemanuel and Samuel were in a transport association together.
What should Elizabeth do? Should she tell her husband(Hemanuel) that their first child belong to another man(Samuel) after 18years which might lead to the end of her marriage?

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