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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Beware Of Rove Beetle a.k.a Skirt And Blouse

Rove Beetle a.k.a Tomcat or Skirt and Blouse is a very dangerous insect that looks like ants with a red and black colour on it's body. It doesn't bite nor sting.
Studies shows that the insect contains a potent vesicant in their haemolymph which can produce a skin irritation  called dermatitis linearis. Once killed and it's fluid come in contact with your skin, there will be a skin disorder.
Although, it occurs throughout the year but peaked in July - September which has a climate humidity.
Rove Beetle releases a toxin called paederin toxins on anything it touches especially human skin which can cause skin burns.

How to prevent having contact and irritation if you come in contact with one
Firstly, do not scratch or rub it no matter what.
Do not crush the insect with shoes or sandals because it can spread the toxins into the air and will definitely be left behind on your shoe.
Spray the insect until it's not moving anymore, then pick it with some tools keeping the insect far away from your skin.
Wash your hands thoroughly and other places or materials that came in contact with the insect.
Minimize the use of light near windows or doors since the beetle is attracted to light.
Use mosquito nets, aerol spray to kill the incoming insects
Do not kill it on your body, just blow it away.

How to cure the wound caused by Rove Beetle
If the toxins come in contact with your body, burning sensation occurs which will make the skin turns red followed by the appearance of a pus in the center of the wound for few days.
Wash it off immediately with mild antiseptic permanganate diluted potassium (KMn04) such as hydrocortisome 1% and weak steroid creams and antibiotics such as neomycin sulfate betametasone 5%
Do not scratch the wounds because the venom can move to another part of the skin.
See the doctor if the irritation persist.

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