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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

5 best sex positions for women

Your sex life might be dull and boring and you might be looking for fresh and intimate sex positions to please your woman in bed.
You find your woman unsatisfied every time you choose a stereo sex position.

Here are the 5 best sex positions that would take your woman to orgasm.
  First, you shouldn't turn or twist your woman, you need to know that you aren't the only one to enjoy the sex. She is also there to enjoy this natural and the most physical activity.

1. The deckchair
This one is great because it gives both parties a really enjoyable experience. The man gets to enjoy a sense of total domination and power which is great for when you pick up a feminist who is secretly craving a man to make her feel like a woman in the sack. (Yes we went there). It also provides a really orgasmic experience for women because the angle of penetration causes your cock to rub against the g-spot and the female prostate gland causing really powerful and intense orgasms.
If you like having repeat customers then this is definitely a technique worth using and is best preceded by cunnillingus

2. The raised missionary
This is really a case of a very small adjustment making a very big difference to her pleasure.
In the raised missionary position, it is exactly like normal missionary except a pillow is placed under her pelvic region to improve the angle of penetration.
This position allows for greater penetration and stimulation of the g-spot and a lot of women swear by this position, claiming it is the only way that they can orgasm from missionary.
It is definitely worth pulling this move out if you want to look like a bit of a sexpert and have her bragging about your sexual prowess and knowledge to her friends. For fitter girls who enjoy a bit of a core workout you can always remove the pillow and get her to raise her pelvis on her own accord, however most girls lack the stamina to pull this off effectively.

3. The rear entry
This sex position works best with your girl face down and with her legs pressed together, if you are particularly large or she is not wet enough you might have to enter her with her legs open then have her close them once you are inside her.
This position feels great because it makes things really tight downstairs and it also drives your cock in on an great angle for stimulating the g-spot and gives you a feeling of total domination.
Although this position is most popular behind metal bars, citizens can get quite a lot of enjoyment out of it as well and is an easy transition from doggy style if you are going at it and your legs get tired. She supports your entire wait and you can just pump away to your hearts content, just make sure you are listening to the sounds that she is making and take care that she is enjoying the pace as well.

4. The pirates bounty
This particular move is fantastic for deep penetration and really letting her feel you deep inside her. It does require a bit of flexibility on the girls behalf so it might be worth making sure she can bend that way before you assume the position otherwise you run the risk of her getting painful cramps and muscle strain mid-coitus.
In order to take this position your lady friend is required to lay on her back with one leg resting on your shoulder and the other by her side. You need to keep yourself up on your arms to avoid putting too much strain on her leg and making the experience an undesirable one. The easiest way to think of it is, missionary but with one leg on your shoulder.
We’re not completely sure why it’s called ‘The pirates bounty’ maybe it has something to with a mast, and treasure… Just make sure you say ‘Argh’ a lot while doing it to add to dramatic effect, pirates hat and eye patch are optional.

5. The Asian cowgirl
This position is commonly seen in porn films because it provides a fantastic view from behind, however unless you plan on holding the video camera, Asian cowgirl will give you a fantastic frontal view whilst your girl does most of the hard work.
This position requires quite a bit of fitness on her behalf, if she is a fatty then we don’t recommend using it because she will probably crush your pelvis.
The way Asian cowgirl works is she sits so that her leg muscles raise her up and down on your cock giving her full control of how fast and how hard. This means she can work it towards giving herself an orgasm. If she does happen to run out of energy mid-coitus (her legs get tired) then all you need to do is bend your knees and hump her upwards; this positioning allows you to get an awesome speed and momentum and is a great way to finish off.
If you feel like being a gentleman it will help her reach orgasm faster if you fondle her ass and breasts whilst she hops up and down on you. This position is great for when you are having a lazy day and want the orgasm but without the work.

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