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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Help! I Have A Feeling My Girlfriend Would Be A Violent Type

Guys please, do you think this lady will make a good wife or will she fight me one day?

I have been single for a very long time not until I hooked up with this beautiful girl, and things went on very smooth. I decided to take her out for lunch yesterday so I asked her to drive while I watch and admire her pretty face. I did not have enough fuel in my car so I asked her to put down the glass before we get to the filling station to get petrol, which she did as we enjoy the ride.

Not until we got to a bad road and some guy just drove with speed and splash dirty water on my girl, it was so bad that she used her shirt to wipe her face, I felt she would park and maybe cry, and allow me pet her since the silly guy did not even stop to apologize,  but I was shocked to see her action.
This girl matched and chased this man, caught him, blocked him, used the container in the car to fetch gutter water close to the car and poured it on the man and landed him 2 hot slaps. It wasn't funny because I was scared. The man was still struggling as people gathered, so I just took her inside the car and drove off.  The lunch date was cancelled. But ever since that day, I have been avoiding her because of that attitude

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