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Monday, 10 October 2016

Learning to cry like lawyers

      When i went through biographies of great men from different continents ,what i saw was the *mental connection* of these men to the study of law,appreciable numbers of these great men seemed to be lawyers. We know most of them *silent revolutionaries* and some of them *radical revolutionaries*,they were the *most conscious* in any political setting they found themselves, not as *docile and irresponsive* as the modern lawyers are, especially in this part of the world.
          We could hear the *sharp voice* of lawyers *lampooning* the arrest of *their lords* , *they are never my lords*,they feel the *judicial temple* should be sacred ,even sacred from *thorough flushing* despite it's  *terrible odour*.They claim to be *learned*,but too unconscious to rise up for the *oppressed prison inmates* wallowing in the messy prisons with hanging rope of  *awaiting trials*.
          You know what!!!!!!!, to the upcoming lawyers, the *white and black profession* is a *dogmatic agenda* ,part of it is the so called *law school course meals*,i will confidently tag it *dogmatic dinner*.You can blame *buhari* for thousands of years, you can *quote* thousands of constitutions,the reality is *a disorganized society like Nigeria cannot be tamed without some exhibition of autocratic tendencies*(Mujib Caballo)