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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Join H2i - Network today

Hands Helping International is a networking site that gives you a commission anytime you refer a member. It's very easy, all you have to do is register an account, refer a member and earn your commission. Get paid to your bank account.
There are 6 stages involved:
Stage 1(Associate Member) where one is required to build a 2×2 matrix with 6 persons to move to stage 2. The maximum earnings in stage 1 is 58 dollars.
Stage 2 (Master Member) is a 2x 5 matrix with minimum earnings of 1000 dollars and a laptop/ipad.
Stage 3 (Super master) is a 2×5 matrix with minimum earnings of 3000 dollars, a brand new Hyundai Elantra + empowerment of 2000 dollars for 2 persons recommended by you.
Stage 4 (Minister) is a 2×5 matrix with a minimum earnings of 6000 dollars, a brand new iX35 Hyundai jeep or GAC jeep, an asset and property support loan up to 12000 dollars, orphanage home empowerment etc
Stage 5 (Prime Minister) is a 2X2 matrix with minimum earnings of 12000 dollars, housing fund of 40000 dollars, an elite club membership loan of 44000 dollars, a yearly infinity bonus of 5000 dollars,children education fund of 2000 dollars and an all expense paid International trip
Stage 6 (Trustee) a 2×3 matrix with potential earnings of up to 100,000 dollars, a yearly International trip etc…
So what is required of you as an individual is to partner with the organization by giving a onetime donation of $40 (N6,600), and you become member of the organization.
Call or whatsapp: 08101972099,07057316026

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